[Samba] Dos client samba

Maurizio Faccio Maurizio.Faccio at merbe.com.uy
Mon Mar 6 21:18:29 GMT 2006

I am trying to put some DOS clients to access a samba server.
I try to use the Microsoft Network Client 3.0 and the Microsoft Lan Manager. 
With them I can log into the samba server, and use the conection as normal.
But when i use it with a high data transfer, somebody, the client or the samba server disconnect. 
Somebody have any experience with dos clients?

Thank you in advance

Maurizio Faccio

Ing. Maurizio Faccio
Merbe Ltda.
Av. Italia 2348. 
Paysandú, Uruguay
Tel : 598-72-29043 Int. 130
Fax: 598-72-22591

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