[Samba] What is the best Linux version for Samba

Michael J Barber MJBarber at Hearst.com
Thu Jun 29 20:41:11 GMT 2006

Just about any distribution can provide great performance.  However, it is 
true that some are faster "out of the box" than others.  By that I mean a 
default install will give you reasonable performance, while with some 
distro's a great deal of tweaking can/should be done to get the best 

If you are familiar enough with Linux to not require a gui then run with 
command line only.  It frees up alot of resources (especially memory) and 
will help your system move along quite nicely.

Filesystems - There are 4 big file systems for Linux - ext3, reiserFS, 
XFS, and JFS (there are other but these are the most common).  Each file 
system has its strengths and weaknesses and with that comes differences in 

Partitions - how you configure your partitions can affect performance as 
well....for example, if you have raid and can configure a separate array 
just for your samba shares then this will improve performance

Samba - different versions and different configurations will vary your 
performance greatly.

So, to summarize, there is no easy answer to your question.  Many Linux 
nuts... I mean enthusiasts will point you to Debian or Slackware or 
Gentoo... others will point you to more main stream distro's such as 
Mandriva, SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu... in the end pick the one you feel the 
most comfortable with and stick with it.  Get on the newsgroups for that 

For what it is worth, I currently use SuSE.  I used to use Arch, Red Hat, 
Mandriva, Slackware, and Fedora.  They all work.

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I want to configure a server with Samba.
I made some test with Mandriva 2006  but I'm not sure it's the best linux 
performance !

What do you think ?
Did you make some test between different linux version ?

Best Regards,

Luc Sainte-Marie
Network Administrator
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