[Samba] What is the best Linux version for Samba

Ryan Steele steele at agora-net.com
Thu Jun 29 20:37:02 GMT 2006

Luc.Sainte-Marie at doppelmayrctec.com wrote:
> I want to configure a server with Samba.
> I made some test with Mandriva 2006  but I'm not sure it's the best linux 
> performance !
> What do you think ?
> Did you make some test between different linux version ?
> Best Regards,
> Luc Sainte-Marie
> Network Administrator

I use Debian, and I have no complaints.  I did run into problems with 
older kernels...like the early 2.6.x's...but the latest version gives me 
great performance, even with Outlook .pst files over 600MB in size.  
However, I am a bit biased in that I prefer package based 
distro's....I'm sure the others on the list will have some good 
suggestions as well.

Best Regards,

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