[Samba] Domain member against Samba+LDAP server configuration problem

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 28 23:27:26 GMT 2006

Javier Barroso escreveu:
> Hi Edmundo,
> We are doing a domain, where users from linux and windows would 
> exchange information throught share directories, so I think domain 
> member are necesary on linux box ( windows clients will view linux 
> clients like windows clients) isn't is?.

I don't know what do you mean by "windows clients will view linux 
clients", windows clients only know whats around them if these other 
clients have something to share, if they don't have they doesnt exist to 

Imagine if in that network you have a Win98 client, it doesnt need a 
machine account (it doesnt know how to deal with one), its not a true 
domain member, and it doesnt need to be to use the domain. It only needs 
to be told to login into the domain.
In that case which functionality have you lost? Maybe the possibility to 
grant rights in the local system and filesystem with domain accounts (as 
in a WinXP box), (in linux you can do that with LDAP). If you cant find 
any functionality that you will use, you dont need it.

Again, Im not telling thats wrong (it works too), but in most ocasions 
its not needed. Its much simpler to do it without winbind, you dont need 
to worry about idmaps, your IDs will be already the same in all linux 
clients, you can use nscd to cache names, etc.

Have you ever configured the shell of your samba server to be able to 
use your LDAP users?
Its like that.


Edmundo Valle Neto


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