[Samba] samba with ldap and ldapsam:trusted possibly

Dirk H Bartley dbartley at schupan.com
Wed Jun 28 20:34:36 GMT 2006


Curious about a couple of things.

In a group object, is it required, better or no effect to maintain the
sambaSIDList attribute in a synchronized fashion with the memberUID
(list) attribute.  In other words keeping the two lists pointing to the
same list of person objects??

Similarly are there any possible negative side effects if the
sambaPrimaryGroupSID attribute in a person object points to
a different group then the gidNumber??

Is there any difference in samba's behavior based on these
synchronizations if ldapsam:trusted is turned on or not??  Is just
maintaining the memberUID list enough for either on or off??  Is
performance effected in any way by synchronizing or not?  I've watched
the ldap logs and can see samba performing many queries.  I was not able
to determine what was really required from the logs.

Preparing for a successful transition.
Thanks in advance as always

Dirk Bartley
Systems Administrator
Schupan Aluminum Sales
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