[Samba] Samba Query

Angelyn Dilim images at torstencalvi.com
Fri Jun 23 03:09:55 GMT 2006

Dear All,

I am a newbie on Samba and I want to ask for help.

I have installed a Fedora Core 5 on one of my PC. the existing network i 
have is windows. On my windows network there are several folders that 
are shared and access by multiple users. My question is how can make 
these shared windows  folders available when I use the FC5. Example when 
I run OpenOffice I need to open files which is located in my windows 
file server. How could I do that using samba.

One thing in mind is to mount the shared folder link to my windows 
shared folders. How can I do that. I can browse the network using the 
FC5 PC but is there a way to open the files within the application? And 
the application is located on the windows file server.

Pls. advise


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