[Samba] Slightly OT: Browsing issues with Windows 2003 Server, Win 2K server and Windows 2000 clients

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Mon Jun 19 18:26:00 GMT 2006

Hi, everybody:

Forgive me for bringing this to you. We normally use Samba servers but 
are dealing with a situation involving two Windows 2003 servers and 
browsing, and the truth is, I can't think of a better forum to bring 
questions about browsing.

We have the following situation:

Domain controller is a Windows 2000 machine at
The backup domain controller is a Windows 2003 machine at

There are two subnets connected by a VPN tunnel.

The machines in one subnet cannot see machines in the other subnet.

We are using WINS on the backup controller at This 
machine is also the Active Directory DNS server.

I have configured machines on to use as WINS
server and a couple of the machines on to use as the WINS server, but it doesn't matter with the 
machines are registering to WINS or not; if they are on the remote 
subnet they are invisible.

When I use the NETBIOS Browsing Console on a machine on, it
pukes immediately saying that the Domain Master Browser for the 
specified domain could not be found.

When I use the NetBIOS Browsing Console on a machine on,
it completes "successfully" but tells me that it cannot find a machine 
on in the browse list of a machine on

Traffic flows freely between the two networks. I can ping the PDC and 
BDC from the remote subnet (

What have I missed here? Where do I need to be looking? The lack of 
cross-subnet browsing is interfering with some printing functions.


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