[Samba] Stange printer driver problem

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jun 21 12:56:37 GMT 2006

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Nicki Messerschmidt, Linksystem Muenchen GmbH wrote:

> We only have one printer but this one has several paper 
> feeders. In cups I have configured three printers (one
> for each feeder). Using the cups driver I have three
> printers with three printer driver names (normal,
> business, secondpage). This way I can set defaults for 
> each printer seperatly.
> If I use the vendor driver (Kyocera FS1800) I only have one driver
> (fs1800) and can only set one set of defaults.

Not true.  Just create three print queues pointing at the
same printer.  But that's your choice.

> And this setup worked for quite a while now, but with 
> samba 3.0.22 and cups 1.2.1 I have a problem.
> What makes me wonder is that I have the same problem 
> using the cups5 printer drivers. I know that these are
> working like a charm using samba 3.0.14 with cups 1.2.1.
> There has to be something within samba that won't tell
> windows what the correct driver is.
> Is there anyway easy way to debug this?

A level 10 debug log would be the place to start.  If you can
send me one, I'll try to find a few spare cycles.

cheers, jerry
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