[Samba] Problem joining klient on a BDC

Ulf Norén Ulf.Noren at miun.se
Mon Jun 19 09:23:36 GMT 2006


I have set up a Samba-environment with , at the moment, one PDC and three 
BDC's. LDAP-master at the PDC and slaves  on the BDC's.

I can logon to the domain through whichever DC is choosen but when i try to 
join a machine the PDC MUST be available. The client seems to check among the 
avilable DC's but if the PDC is down it just tells me it can't find a 
domain-controller for the domain. 
If the PDC is up and running it gets selected to process the join.

As I understand it, it should be possible to join a machine via the BDC as 
long as the LDAP-master is available. Correct?

If I configure the BDC with "Domain master = yes"  it is accepted as a "valid 
DC" and joining the client works.

The client i have tested with is WinXP SP2.

Anyone have any ideas or corrections?

It's not a major showstopper but for redundancy and load-balancing it would be 
nice to get this working if possible. After all the domaincontrollers reside 
in 4 different cities...


Ulf Norén
IT-division, Mid Sweden University

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