[Samba] ldap administration tool??

Dirk H Bartley dbartley at schupan.com
Thu Jun 15 18:13:04 GMT 2006


I am nearing being prepared to get our corporate network from Active
Directory to samba3 with ldap.  The last hurdle is to get an
administrative interface to the ldap repository containing the users and
Groups.  I,m hoping for some recommendations.

I have attempted the following.

Samba Console:
The difficulty I'm having is that it is recommended to install from rpm.
Our samba servers are gentoo distributions and hence not rpm
distributions.  I attemted installing from source but after a good few
hours of effort ran into some difficulty that I figured may take more
time than I have to resolve.

I've gotten this to work, somewhat.  It required me to change my tree
structure slightly but it is running.  It also requires the addition of
objectclasses in ldap which I had difficulty finding documentation for.
It also behaves in such a way that when I edit a user with a dn of
uid=username,ou=People.. it deletes the object and adds an object with a
dn of cn=First last,ou=People.... and the objectclasses and attributes
that I have that gosa does not recognize in the user object are then
gone. (heimdal kerberos keys specifically).

Installed this and I may have set it up incorrectly but I do not see an
interface to change group membership.  Looks like this is intended as a
supplement to some other method of managing membership??

User Manager for domains:
Call me old fashioned but I'm just a bit afraid of counting on a
microsoft product to manage users, groups and group membership.

What I'm looking for is for some anecdotes on the most practical
interface to succeed at this.  I'd be perfectly comfortable with just
writing a few perl scripts and using a generic ldap interface.  The
issue is that there are 3 other admins here that would not be
comfortable with that.

I'll struggle through any of these or others to get it to work.  Even if
it takes modifying one to get what I am looking for.  Right now I feel
like I am struggling through all of them and not getting where I would
like to be.  Looking for advice.

Once again, thank you in advance for all recommendations.

Dirk Bartley
Systems Administrator
Schupan Aluminum Sales

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