[Samba] Why Are Some Users' Print Jobs Always Held Pending?

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Thu Jun 15 16:53:31 GMT 2006

CUPS Version: 1.1.23-10sarge1

I believe this to be a CUPS problem, but since it only seems to affect 
users printing via Samba, perhaps it has been encountered by others here.

I have cups installed and can print to it via Linux just fine.  I also
have installed via Samba (via "cupsaddsmb") and most WinXP users can
print just fine, too.

However, a few (3 of about 20) users have the odd problem that every one
of their print jobs gets put in the queue and held.  I have to manually
go in to the web interface and click "release job" for every one of
them.  The other 17 or so users have their jobs go straight through.
All WinXP machines are on the same subnet on the same domain with
identical (automated, unattended) installations.  The cups logs show
that the jobs are being held but do not state any reason why.

What would cause the jobs of a few users to be held while others print

Can I increase the log verbosity to tell why jobs are held?

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