[Samba] Windows XP and Samba 3.0.22 -- don't mix?

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Tue Jun 13 17:18:21 GMT 2006

Ryan Steele wrote:
> All,
> I desperately need a resolution to this issue.  I've asked once (about a 
> day or two ago), but I haven't heard anything back.  The only reason I 
> press the issue is I may because without a quick resolution, I may be 
> forced to switch over to AD (cry!).  I submitted a request via Bugzilla 
> but I saw a slightly similar problem with 3.0.20a that still hasn't been 
> resolved, so I thought this might be a quicker route?  Here's a synopsis:
> shows that there is still a connection open to this folder.... an 
> smbstatus confirms....  After a few minutes, the user for that pid 
> changes to root, and the process just sits in there forever, sucking up 
> 0.9% of memory.  This happens with EVERY share Windows opens, and when 
> it gets in this state, I can't open any new shares.  I've tried using 
> the "deadtime" option to kill these...no dice, they still hang around.  
> In fact, the only thing that gets rid of them is a 'killall -9 smbd'.  
> So, basically I'm stuck with restarting Samba every time too many 
> files/folders get opened on the server...in a production environment!  
> Is this a bug in 3.0.22?  Is there some option that is needed to kill 
> Windows connections to Samba servers?  This is most troublesome!

I run XP SP2 clients connecting to FC4.  I do my own compilations
of samba from svn.  Currently Version 3.0.23pre2-SVN-build-15985.

I use this line in smb.conf:

Maybe the lack of the keepalive is working against you.

Nothing else stands out to me.

Regards, Doug

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