[Samba] Re: magic script !!

Franz Pfoertsch franz.pfoertsch at brose.net
Fri Jun 9 07:27:55 GMT 2006

In a *ix environment I would think about a cacti-server

A samba add on is available 


Adam Nielsen wrote:

>> i need to show via web browser the status of my server and most
>> important, i need to show wich files are in use and his users, i need
>> to backup this info into a DB and create some kind of stats of those
>> files and users;
>> i`ve read about magic script value, but i don´t understand how it
>> works, is there an other way to have the same results?
> 'magic script' will allow you to run a UNIX script on the Samba server
> when you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer - I don't think
> this is what you're after.
> It sounds like you want to run 'smbstatus' at regular intervals, process
> the output with a script, and then use your script to generate a HTML
> file on your web server and send the info to a database.
> Cheers,
> Adam.

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