[Samba] Samba kills PDC

Detlef Jockheck detlef at jockheck.de
Tue Jun 6 18:12:24 GMT 2006


I have some domains with thrusting between. My primary domain is "CAD". For 
this domain I have a windows NT PDC. Now I enable Samba nmbd on my SLES9-Box 
to make sure that the machine is accessible by name. It has been configured 
as BDC before, but this was not a good idea because I have multiple domains 
with trusting. This feature should be disabled.
When samba is running on the SLES9 the NT-PDC seems to disable his 
PDC-facilities because no further Logons in "CAD" are possible.
The only way to fix this is to disable Samba on "SLES9" and reboot the PDC.
I would like to use samba, but not configured as BDC. How can this be managed.

# Detlef Jockheck
# detlef at jockheck.de
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