[Samba] Profile Directory is Full

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue Jun 6 18:45:52 GMT 2006

Mark Sarria wrote:
> I need to change my profile directory. My profile directory is in
> opt/samba/profiles. I need to move it to a bigger storage is on my system.
> How can I go about this with out corrupting the profiles?
> Mark Sarria
> Sylmar High School
> (818) 367-0299
I suspect the problem won't be with corrupting the profiles. It will be 
with slow logins and logouts. The simplest way is simply to mount your 
new drive as /opt/samba/profiles. Or you can just change your profiles 
line in smb.conf to point to the new location (then restart samba). 
Either way, Samba will recreate the profiles when the users log in or out.

Unfortunately, recreating profiles is slow. Depending on how many users 
and how large their profiles are, it could lead to very long logins/outs.

Providing no one is logging in or out, you can just copy the old 
profiles to the new location. This could be done overnight if you don't 
have anyone on the system at that time.

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