[Samba] Strange Problem with Windows XP

Tobias Zollikofer lists at zollikofer-it.ch
Wed Jul 26 16:06:02 GMT 2006


I have a very strange problem in my environment:

- Windows 2003 Domain Controller
- XP-Clients are in Windows-AD-Domain
- RHEL2.1-Server with samba 2.2.12
- samba is configured in workgroup mode, not as domain-member

I configured a share and 3 users. The users are created with the same 
user/passwords like
the users use for login to the workstations.

This are the symptoms:

- if I run the UNC-Path for the share, an error pops up: "Extended error 
  (or something similar, my XP is a german version). No popup for 

- I can map a network drive if I put in  "Connect as User". But, after a 
the network drive is gone. If I do not "Connect as User", the extended 
error pops up.

- smbclient on linux works as expected

I found some pointers, that "Simple Filesharing" can be a problem, so I 
disabled it - with
no success.

I would like to connect to network drives and UNC-Paths without entering 
a password.

Are there any advices how I can solve this problem?


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