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Martin Meiler Martin.Meiler at lse.eei.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Jul 27 15:26:22 GMT 2006


by using the
 hosts allow
directive in the smb.conf you can specify which machines are allowed to
access your server and which are not. So your slave servers should only
be accessible by your master server and the master server may be
accessible by every windows machine.

you could also mount the other shares via NFS, so you would only need
one samba server instead of ten. Since you need time for the server
maintenance of each samba server this could be time-saving for you.

Hope i got your problem and this helps


Axel Schmalowsky wrote:
> I have about 10 linux/unix machines running samba, one of which should
> be a central samba server.
> Additionally, I have about 30 Windows machines.
> My problem is that I want the share(s) of the other linux/unix machines
> to be mounted on the samba server,
> so that they only can be access via this server.
> But if I run samba on the other linux/unix machines, I can also access
> their shares directly, what I want to disallow.
> So, is there a way to run samba on these machines and not to allow the
> shares to be accessed directly, but via my central samba server on which
> they are mounted?
> If I use 'browseable = no', they will not be seen but still be accessible.
> Using 'available = no', they cannot be accessed and not be mounted, as
> well.
> Any ideas?
> Axel


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