[Samba] central samba server

Axel Schmalowsky schmalowsky at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 15:10:03 GMT 2006

I have about 10 linux/unix machines running samba, one of which should 
be a central samba server.
Additionally, I have about 30 Windows machines.

My problem is that I want the share(s) of the other linux/unix machines 
to be mounted on the samba server,
so that they only can be access via this server.
But if I run samba on the other linux/unix machines, I can also access 
their shares directly, what I want to disallow.
So, is there a way to run samba on these machines and not to allow the 
shares to be accessed directly, but via my central samba server on which 
they are mounted?

If I use 'browseable = no', they will not be seen but still be accessible.
Using 'available = no', they cannot be accessed and not be mounted, as well.

Any ideas?


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