[Samba] upgrading and moving to different servers

Adamiec, Larry Ladamiec at kentlaw.edu
Tue Jul 25 15:43:52 GMT 2006

> You haven't told us what role your server plays. This is an important 
> item!  :)

We use Samba to allow multiple administrative assistants to cut and paste professors web pages from their Windows desktop machines to our Solaris web server.  This saves the hassle of having people FTP files every time they want to update a web page.  This is the  reason we use Samba right now. 

> I can't answer  all of your questions, but you need to worry about 
> transferring your security files as well. Samba 2.2.x used 
> the smbpasswd 
> file. Samba 3.x prefers (defaults) to using TDB, which is a 
> lot faster 
> if you have more than a few users.

We do not have very many users (less than 100).

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