[Samba] upgrading and moving to different servers

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue Jul 25 15:23:15 GMT 2006

Adamiec, Larry wrote:
> I am currently running Version 2.2.8 on a Solaris 9 SPARC machine.  I
> need to move my Samba server to a Solaris 10 SPARC machine.  I would
> like to install Version 3.0.23a on the Solaris 10 machine from source.
> I need to install from source because I need to change the prefix from
> /usr/local/samba to /opt/servers/samba.
> Do I need to worry about other configuration options?
> Can I use my old smb.conf file?
> Should I just FTP my old version to the new machine and upgrade to
> Version 3.0.23a?
> Anything else I need to worry about?
> Thanks in advance.
> Larry

You haven't told us what role your server plays. This is an important 
item!  :)

I can't answer  all of your questions, but you need to worry about 
transferring your security files as well. Samba 2.2.x used the smbpasswd 
file. Samba 3.x prefers (defaults) to using TDB, which is a lot faster 
if you have more than a few users.

I'd also start with the sample smb.conf and modify it to fit your 
configuration. You should be able to just copy your share information to 
the new file, but you may want to look closely in the global section for 
other options that may need changing.

Samba 3 is much better in all roles than Samba 2.2 was. It integrates 
much better into a Windows domain and also makes a better domain controller.

Check out the Samba Howto collection and/or Samba by example at 
www.samba.org to get a feel for how Samba 3 operates.

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