[Samba] One Windows computer not connecting directly to server

Guillaume silencer at free-4ever.net
Tue Jul 25 08:05:13 GMT 2006

Margaret_Doll wrote:
> We have a RedHat samba server to which  a whole department of Windows 
> connects directly when a user logs onto the Windows computer.  So the 
> server is working fine.
> We have a rebuilt Windows XP Pro computer that does not make the 
> connection directly.  The user has to log into the server through the 
> Network Neighborhood.  The Windows XP Pro has the correct ip address and 
> network name.  The Wins server is indicated correctly on the Windows XP 
> computer,  The Windows XP computer is in the correct workgroup because 
> the server is listed in its Group's Network Neighborhood.
> There are no errors in the logs on the server ( messages, secure, 
> samba/* ).
> Do you have an idea as to why the "direct connection" is not being made?


Are you sure that your computer is integrated in the domain ??


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