[Samba] One Windows computer not connecting directly to server

Margaret_Doll Margaret_Doll at brown.edu
Mon Jul 24 18:32:25 GMT 2006

We have a RedHat samba server to which  a whole department of Windows 
connects directly when a user logs onto the Windows computer.  So the 
server is working fine.

We have a rebuilt Windows XP Pro computer that does not make the 
connection directly.  The user has to log into the server through the 
Network Neighborhood.  The Windows XP Pro has the correct ip address 
and network name.  The Wins server is indicated correctly on the 
Windows XP computer,  The Windows XP computer is in the correct 
workgroup because the server is listed in its Group's Network 

There are no errors in the logs on the server ( messages, secure, 
samba/* ).

Do you have an idea as to why the "direct connection" is not being made?

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