[Samba] Failed to set servicePrincipalNames (Samba+Solaris 10+NISplus+ADS+DNS)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jul 21 01:34:04 GMT 2006

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> # /usr/local/samba/bin/net ads join -U Administrator
> Administrator's password:
> Using short domain name -- ULS
> Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Only NTLM authentication 
> will be possible.
> Please ensure that the DNS domain of this server matches 
> the AD domain, Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.
> Joined 'KRAKEN' to realm 'ULS.NT.PITT.EDU'
> Our Unix system FQDNS name is kraken.library.pitt.edu
> Our Windows ADS realm is ULS.NT.PITT.EDU.
> Our Active Directory DNS Tree starts at NT.PITT.EDU as 
> we (Pitt) did not want to integrate the existing DNS
> tree with the Active Directory DNS Tree. An Option
> that is defined by Microsoft.
> We can not put our UNIX system under the Active Directory 
> Tree as it exists in a Solaris NIS+ configuration where
> the other UNIX systems are located in the library.pitt.edu DNS
> Tree.
> Thus neither setting the DNS domain to the AD domain 
> or vise versa is possible.  My question is - given this
> setup what problems will we run into?

Please send me a level 10 debug log from 'net ads join'.
You should be able to do this as a Domain Admin.
And please make sure that your /etc/hosts is not broken.

cheers, jerry
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