[Samba] Problem with 3.0.23 upgrade from 3.0.22 with rfc2307 patch

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jul 20 17:56:45 GMT 2006

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Don Meyer wrote:

> Yes, I'm pretty sure Jerry Carter does.  (jerry at samba.org)   
> He's posted that he expects a patch for this to be
> included in the 3.0.23a release -- due sometime real
> soon now... ;-)

This was the last major bug to be fixed in 3.0.23a.
I've attached a patch to bug 3920.

Note that this will break 'winbind nested groups' for
local users.  Local group membership for domain users
still works, but a local user will not get the nested
group gids included in his or her token.  See my comments
in the bug report for more details.

Also please note that unqualified domain user or group
names have not been supported in smb.conf since Samba
3.0.8.  You are advised to fix your configuration files.

cheers, jerry
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