[Samba] Security = ADS and 3.0.23 Upgrade

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jul 19 13:07:44 GMT 2006

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Dale Schroeder wrote:
> Since upgrading to 3.0.23 I have encountered several problems. (latest
> Debian Sarge with deb's from samba.org and security = ADS).  All was
> working flawlessly before.
> *1.* getent passwd no longer lists machine accounts.

Only machines?  Or no domain users at all?  Please read
the release notes.  'winbind enum users' was disabled by
default in 3.0.23.

> *2.* On the Win2K pdc, the samba system's "DNS name" 
> on the general tab is now listed as localhost.localdomain,
> and the operating system is still listed as Samba 3.0.22.
> (In the DNS mmc, the DNS records are correct.)

Did you rejoin the domain ?  If so, looks like you have
a broken  /etc/hosts file ni the Samba box.  Fix you hostname.

We don't set the Operating system attribute any more.
Just delete that.

> *3.* Old shares are accessible, newly created ones are not.

Not enough detail here.

cheers, jerry
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