[Samba] subfolder permission

Julien de Luca {Integrated Systems Ltd} julien.deluca at integratedsystemsmru.com
Tue Jul 18 23:10:16 GMT 2006


            Can Anyone help me out with subfolder permissions?.. Searched
everywhere for tips on how to setup a system with a main folder shared and
subfolders shared to X, Y and Z groups
. It’s been a very £”$^* task and am
running out of options
 We need to separate 2 departments having access to
the same folder




            Human Resources


            Each group should have full access to it’s group and no access
to the other.


            I’ve tried multiple versions of SMB.conf
 Even tried playing
with linux file permission but too much of a novice to get the thing running
professionally and smoothly. My Superiors are seriously thinking of moving
back to ‘the competition’ 




Julien de Luca

Integrated Systems Ltd



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