[Samba] profile question

éric le hénaff eric.le.henaff at ens.fr
Tue Jul 18 16:52:07 GMT 2006

i have a profile question
here under is my profile definition. it's nothing more than the one from 
the idealx samba howto.
profiles just work fine on my box BUT i want more ...
i want a manager to have read/write acces on every users' profile 
subdirectory for troubleshooting from his windows workstation with 
invoking \\server\profiles. he's in the domain admins.
How to do that
Thank you for any help, i tried different scenarios (samba tweaking, 
acls inheritance and so on) for an afternoon and didnt find one working.

path = /home/profiles
read only = no
create mask = 0600
directory mask = 0700
browseable = No
guest ok = Yes
profile acls = yes
csc policy = disable
# next line is a great way to secure the profiles
force user = %U
# next line allows administrator to access all profiles
valid users = %U @"Domain Admins"

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