[Samba] Cross-Subnet Browsing Problem

Todd Pytel tppytel at sophrosune.org
Sat Jul 15 04:50:44 GMT 2006


Edmundo Valle Neto wrote:

>    I already used samba in network with more than one segment and never 
> needed any "remote ..." option too, it worked even through a VPN. The 
> samba books says to use that options when more than one WINS server are 
> used, for example. Using the same WINS server in both networks, the name 
> registration is already made in unicast, and it should pass through a 
> router.

Right, this is just one WINS server, so it should "just work". Like I 
said, I know I had it all working at one point without the remote 
options, and I don't think the network topology was significantly 
different back then.

>    Have you looked inside wins.dat and browse.dat on the samba server to 
> see if is everything there? You said that you have already tested with 
> nblookup (maybe looking there doesnt make sense then), but I think its 
> easyer to see what your WINS server has to offer, what are the available 
> resources and if theres any name that shouldnt be registered there that 
> way.

browse.dat shows only the server, not the desktop - which is the 
problem, the browse lists aren't syncing...

"ARISTOTLE"   400d9b0b  "Server"     "SOPHROSUNE"

wins.dat shows...

"__MSBROWSE__#01" 1153237621 e4R
"ARISTOTLE#00" 1153196794 66R
"ARISTOTLE#03" 1153196794 66R
"ARISTOTLE#20" 1153196794 66R
"SOPHROSUNE#00" 1153237621 e4R
"SOPHROSUNE#1b" 1153196794 64R
"SOPHROSUNE#1c" 1153196794 e4R
"SOPHROSUNE#1e" 1153237621 e4R
"TIMAEUS#00" 1153237621 64R
"TIMAEUS#20" 1153237621 64R

Which shows at least that timaeus is properly registered. I can never 
keep the meanings of the other bits straight...

> nbtstat -r, on the client shows that the names are really beeing 
> resolved by the name server (WINS)?

nbtstat -r shows 0 names resolved/registered by broadcast, 2 names 
resolved by the name server, and 6 names registered by the name server.

Sure looks like everything should work, doesn't it? :)


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