[Samba] Cross-Subnet Browsing Problem

Todd Pytel tppytel at sophrosune.org
Sat Jul 15 03:58:33 GMT 2006

Anthony Messina wrote:
> Todd Pytel wrote:
>> Yeah, the WINS server (which is just the single Samba server) is named
>> in the DHCP options, so the Windows desktops are set up for it
>> automatically. Again, all the name resolution works fine - the desktop
>> can successfully view \\aristotle\username and do nblookups.
>> Any other ideas?
> is your windows computer set up to be a part of the "SOPHROSUNE" domain
> or workgroup?  what i mean is, if the workgroup/domain is typo-d, then
> the windows computer will only see it's own workgroup.

The workgroup is entered correctly on both the desktop and the server.


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