[Samba] Problem with winbind

Nikolay V. Krasko nvk at softspb.com
Fri Jul 14 09:25:19 GMT 2006

Hello everyone!
I have samba-3.0.10-1.4E.6 under CentOS 4.3 and have such a kind of problem
with winbind:
when i am adding one of the Windows users to group those changes are not
visible on Linux box.
For example, i've add user 'vic' to group Webmasters under Windows. I wait
for 24 hours and after it i've entered command:

# id vic
uid=10124(vic) gid=10004(Domain Users) groups=10004(Domain Users)

but when i've made:
# getent group | grep Webmasters

As we can see user vic and other users are in group Webmasters.

#id user5
uid=10068(user5) gid=10004(Domain Users) groups=10004(Domain
Users),10047(Webmasters),10048(Power Users)

i've reboted my PDC, restarted samba and winbind, but it didn't help me.

What is the problem?

Nikolay Krasko

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