[Samba] Kerberos Keytab Code Update in 3.0.23

Scott Armstrong scottbird7 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 20:51:07 GMT 2006


>> I used the convention which I'm accustomed to which is that the host 
>> should be added in fqdn form since I was modifying the code myself.
>> i.e. host/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM

>Help me understand how you use 'kinit -k' What kind of cron jobs are these?

>And why can't you use 'kinit -k machine$'?

I probably could do that but I had been trying to keep things as close to
the way I had been creating machine principals when using an MIT KDC -
host/fqdn at REALM
The kinit command I'm using is
kinit -p -k host/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
I also have a weekly cron job to automatically change the machine trust
password since I believe I read in one of the mailings that it wasn't
handled automatically yet.


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