[Samba] Kerberos Keytab Code Update in 3.0.23

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jul 13 18:46:44 GMT 2006

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Scott Armstrong wrote:

> Things still worked fine for existing domain members. 
> I only noticed it because I added a new system to
> the domain. Lines 962-964 of utils/net_ads.c have
> comments about the upn but it's never being added.
> I rarely program in "C" so this may not be the best
> way to do it but I modified line 977 to
>    if (!(host_upn = talloc_asprintf(ctx, 
> 	"host/%s@%s", my_fqdn, ads_s->config.realm)))
> and added the following
>         ads_mod_str(ctx, &mods, "userPrincipalName", host_upn);
> following line 988.

Yeah.  That would achieve what you want.

> I used the convention which I'm accustomed to which 
> is that the host should be added in fqdn form
> since I was modifying the code myself.
> i.e. host/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM

Help me understand how you use 'kinit -k' What kind
of cron jobs are these?  And why can't you use 'kinit
- -k machine$'?

ciao, jerry
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