[Samba] clarification needed: $ in machine name?

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Fri Jul 7 17:54:49 GMT 2006


Sorry to be a pest, but I need to try to get some clarification of how the 
machine name works when setting up a machine account on the Samba 
server.  The Samba How-To page 
talks about the "common error" of including the $ in the machine name on 
the server machine.  However, all of the examples of PDC setup that I've 
seen show machine accounts in the passwd file that DO have a $ at the end 
of the machine name.  So, $ or no $?  The explanation on the How-To page is 
confusing, when it says "The problem is only in the program used to make 
the entry....Create a user without the "$".  Then use vipw to edit the 
entry, adding the "$"".  This is perplexing.  Why would it make any 
difference whether you put in the $ with vipw or some other editor?  And 
why does the heading of this section say ""$" Cannot Be Included in Machine 
Name?"  I don't quite get what the real technical issue is here.  I think 
some more explanation is needed.


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