[Samba] Re: Re: setting up Samba server as a PDC

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Fri Jul 7 15:01:43 GMT 2006

I'm STILL having difficulty getting my PC client to connect to the 
domain.  I've got the IP address of the Samba server entered into the list 
of WINS servers in the network control panel on the client machine.  And 
I've got a machine account set up for the client machine (with a $ sign at 
the end of the machine name) in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd on the Samba 
server.  I'm still getting "network path not found" when I try to connect 
to the domain on the PC.

>Hi Eric, why not start by posting your smb.conf?

OK, here it is:

         netbios name = pleiades
         workgroup = PLAB
         domain logons = yes
         socket address =
         socket options = TCP_NODELAY
         invalid users = bin daemon adm sync shutdown halt mail news uucp
         max log size = 100
         security = user
         encrypt passwords = yes
         os level = 34
         passdb backend = smbpasswd
         local master = yes
         preferred master = yes
         domain master = yes
         logon drive = h:

         print command = /bin/lp -d%p %s; sleep 5; rm -f %s
         printer = 128_1
         printing = SYSV

         log file = /var/log/samba.log
         log level = 2
         max log size = 50
         debug timestamp = yes

         browseable = no
         share modes = no
         public = no
         writeable = no

         browseable = no
         read only = no
         writeable = yes
         guest ok = no

Anybody have any ideas?  I'm stumped.


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