[Samba] Problem with tdb files.

Latrell is85022 at cis.nctu.edu.tw
Fri Jul 7 03:51:52 GMT 2006

Hi All:

I have problems with maintain tdb files. From samba doc, these files are =
classified into persistent and temporary. From the man page of smbd, =
these file are classified into persistent and not. However, there are =
some files no need to backup but need to be persistent =
(netsamlogon_cache.tdb), and some files need to backup but not need to =
be persisten (registry.tdb). There are also some .dat files also =
mentioned in samba FAQ that need to be deleted under particular case =
(change ip address).

How can I maintain these tdb/dat files? Which file needed to be deleted =
when samba restarts? Which files should be ket and backup regularly?I =
believe some tdb files can't be kept because of size problem. I also =
noticed join domain would have problem if browse.dat and gencache.tdb =
keep wrong data. Please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,

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