[Samba] W2K Login Problem

Liam Marshall computers at stmaurice.mb.ca
Thu Jul 6 20:36:41 GMT 2006

I believe I have configured samba correctly.  The reason I believe this =
that when I login as my unix/samba user =93myname=94 I  do successfully =
log in.

However, I have 2 problems, one big and one small.  The small one is =
even though I think I did the [profile] section properly, it puts my =
into my home dir (puts it in /home/myname/profile)


That one I could live with, I wanted profiles in a different spot
/etc/samba/profiles, but what the hell


The big problem is that my username =93myname=94  primary group is root. =
 I can
log in successfully, and any user I create also a member of the root =
can login, but NOBODY else!!

I created a staff group and created unix/samba users that have as a =
group =93staff=94  they exist in both samba and unix,  then did the =
=85=85.%username  thing that gives me access from the terminal window =
for one of
these staff users.  The samba machine terminal then lets me ls and check
what is in there.  But the W2K machine will not allow me to log these
=93staff=94 users unless I make them a member of the =93root=94 group.


I think it must be some kind of permission thing but I have no idea at =
what to do.


Any ideas?  Suggestions?  Help?=20

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