[Samba] Fwd: Problems with domain logons

Eric Evans eje4 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 6 17:52:01 GMT 2006

>1. When I go into one of my Windows 2000 clients and try to set it up to 
>be a member of the Plab domain, I get an error message saying that it's 
>not able to contact the Plab domain.  But I thought I had the Samba server 
>set up properly to be a PDC.  I don't see any error messages in the Samba 
>log file.  Is there any way I can test the Samba server to see if it's 
>actually operating as a PDC?
>2. We also have Windows XP clients but I'm not able to find how to set 
>them up to be in the Plab domain.  Anybody know how to configure XP 
>clients for domain logons?

I see what my problem was with the XP domains.  It turns out that you can't 
set a domain on an XP Home Edition PC, only on XP Pro. Duh.

However, I'm still having a problem with my PC clients not being able to 
contact my Samba server after I've set it up to run as a PDC.  Still trying 
to figure this out.....


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