[Samba] query about PC setups

Sandy McCarthy sandy-samba at abesco.net
Thu Jul 6 16:03:19 GMT 2006

Hi Eric

As I mentioned in my last email and as explained below, the use of login scripts in the netlogon share only work when the samba server is acting as a PDC and your clients are part of this domain. Windows clients then automatically look for the existence of the netlogon share and run the script mentioned in the smb.conf. The users home directory will be automatically mapped using the drive letter completed in the smb.conf. Other drives can then be added using net use or you can use kixtart which is a great scripting program which allows you to be more creative with your scripting. Stick with net use if its just basic mapping your after.

If you do end up configuring your server as a PDC make sure you read the relevant samba how to guides so you fully understand the implications. I had lots of fun with roaming profiles which I ended up turning off!


At 16:53 06/07/2006, Eric Evans wrote:
>I have a basic question about this, because I think I still don't really understand how this method works.  When you set up the netlogon parameters and your startup.bat script, all that stuff is on the server side, right?  So when you log on to your PC, how does the PC know that it's supposed to contact the server and download the startup.bat file?  It seems to me that somehow you have to have some way of telling the PC that it needs to contact the Samba server to get the bat file.
>>With any windows/samba network you can do that. Any .bat script including "net use" commands when executed on client maps drives that way. It can be included alone on the client in any place that permits to run programs after logon or using logon scripts with a PDC (that are meant to do that).
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