[Samba] Prevent ReadOnly DOS attribute from being set

Steven Cardinal steven.cardinal at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 20:07:54 GMT 2006

We have a third party application that tracks its own licensing through a
special file it creates. We just recently moved this application (along with
all of our other user data) from a Win2K server to a Samba 3.0.20 server.
This application no longer works correctly. What the application is doing is
creating the lock file when first lauched by a user and then setting the DOS
ReadOnly attribute. As other instances of the application get launched (by
other users) it appears that the app tries to unset the ReadOnly attribute,
add its info to the license file, and then sets it back to readonly.

Now that we're on Samba, this isn't working. The first set to ReadOnly sets
the owner bits to read (and the file is owned by the initial user). At that
point, new users are unable to remove this flag. The group setting is
correctly set for rwx, but it seems that is insufficient to permit the other
users to change the RO attribute. (I think I read that Samba will enforce
the ReadOnly so that only the owner can remove it).

Can anyone suggest a work-around? I'm willing to move this application to
its own share with special settings if that will help, although I'd rather
not have to. The vendor isn't willing to investigate it further (they say
it's our problem since we aren't on Windows).


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