[Samba] query about PC setups

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Wed Jul 5 23:02:30 GMT 2006

very easy to do with netlogon, you will have to create either a script 
for each user, or a global script for all if everyone will have the same 

Eric Evans wrote:
> Hello,
> My boss claims that it is possible to set up a PC as a Samba client in 
> such a way that every Windows user who logs in to that PC will 
> automatically be connected to a certain designated Samba share, 
> without the user himself having to map the network drive to the Samba 
> share.  That is, the boss claims that I, as the administrator of the 
> PC, have the power to set up some kind of global mapping for all the 
> PC users so that each user doesn't have to do the mapping himself.  Is 
> there any truth to this claim?  I haven't found any mention of this 
> feature in the Samba documentation.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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