[Samba] linux group quota does not work as expected with 3.0.21a

Oleg Palij o.palij at dp.uz.gov.ua
Mon Jan 30 09:08:01 GMT 2006

Hi, all!

I use samba 3.0.21a on Debian Sarge with 2.4.32 kernel as member of Active Directory domain.

I set following config:
        comment = Work directories for ISCMPD department
        path = /var/work/smb_shares/ISCMPD
        valid users = @ISCMPD
        write list = @ISCMPD
        force group = qiscmpd
        force create mode = 0777 
        force directory mode = 0777

qiscmpd - is a linux group manually added for quotas:
# cat /etc/group | grep qiscmpd
# repquota -ag | grep iscmpd
qiscmpd   --  778296       1000       1000           5102     0     0       

When I try to copy files to quoted samba share, it copies ok, samba set correct permissions, and size of used blocks in repquota grows, but:
1. I can copy as much data as I want, not as quota says.
2. The size of quoted share shows as normal (full disk size), not as quoted.

User quotas with 'force user' works OK. But I need only 'force group'. 
Can I make samba to work with group quotas?
Samba compiled with --with-acl-support --with-winbind --with-smbmount --with-quotas --disable-cups

Best regards,
Palij Oleg, ISC (Pridn railway) 

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