[Samba] Browse List propagation under Samba

Bob von Knobloch bob at rwilliams.de
Mon Jan 30 09:53:40 GMT 2006

I am using Samba version 3.0.10-1.fc2.
It is configured as an NT domain controller and has been working well. I 
needed to add a routed (over VPN) connection to the system but cannot 
get the routed clients to access the browse list. The clients are all 
Windows XP professional. The remote client is not a domain member. All 
clients work when directly connected to the Samba server (broadcast), 
whether domain members or not.
I run WINS support on Samba which is working. I can see my remote 
machine registered under WINS and can query the WINS database with 
nblookup from all clients.
DNS is also fine (forward and reverse) from all clients. I can also 
manually attach to a share from the routed client with a UNC-Path.
IP connectivity is fine between all machines in the network, windows 
connectivity also. It is just the browse list that doesn't work.

192.168.x.y are my local networks, 10.8.x.y is the routed network.

Here are the relevant entries from smb.conf:

workgroup = KNOBLOCH
netbios name = ANIMALHOUSE
interfaces = eth0, eth1, eth2, lo
bind interfaces only = no
wins support = yes
passdb backend = tdbsam
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
smb ports = 139 44
server string = Samba DC
hosts allow = 192.168. 10.8.
hosts deny =
security = user
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 255
domain master = yes
domain logons = yes
name resolve order = wins lmhosts bcast

I would be very grateful if someone knows what is wrong here,
Robert von Knobloch.

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