[Samba] samba3 to samba3 domain membership failing

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Sun Jan 29 17:16:58 GMT 2006

ahall at madasafish.com wrote:
> anthony messinda wrote...
> "what do you mean, "doesn't actually have a netbios name"?  you specify 
> one in your smb.conf file of the 3.0.10 server.  that name is then used 
> to generate an account for netbios_name$ on the 3.0.7 pdc."
> I didn't realise a domain member required a NetBIOS name, only a domain
> controller - so thanks for that. Clearly my knowledge of Windows networking needs
> improving.
> However, even after adding that in and restarting the server I still get the same
> error.
> The log on the domain controller says...
> [2006/01/29 12:14:31, 0] rpc_server/srv_netlog_nt.c:get_md4pw(244)
>   get_md4pw: Workstation FS1$: no account in domain
> [2006/01/29 12:14:31, 2] smbd/server.c:exit_server(571)
>   Closing connections
> FS1 is the NetBIOS name I have added to the server I wish to become a domain member.
> Should it not create the machine account automatically? If so it's failing to do so.
> Can it be created manually on the server acting as the PDC, just like when
> creating a manual Windows client account...
> useradd -d /dev/null -g machine -s /sbin/nologin -M FS1$
> smbpasswd -a -m FS1
> ?

the pdc will create the machine account if you have configured it to do 
so.  it would be best if you followed the official samba howto from:


this howto was very well written.  granted, there is lots of info there, 
but it will tell you everything you need to get started.

also, man smb.conf will help you.


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