[Samba] performance problem. big amount of net traffic for file properties

Marc Cousin mcousin at sigma.fr
Fri Jan 27 13:32:42 GMT 2006


I'm working with Jean-Philippe, and the problem doesn't seem to be a buggy net 
driver, as all the packets received by the server seem valid (no checksum 
error). But of course, we're no windows experts, so maybe in windows the 
low-level drivers can have an influence with the upper IP stack...

Most (if not all) of the traffic from the XP workstation seems OK, except for 
this crazy retransmission of the same request (not a tcp retransmission, the 
paquets have different tcp sequence numbers).

Le Vendredi 27 Janvier 2006 12:06, FARCY Jean-Philippe a écrit :
> Hi,
> We're having performance problems with some workstations (XP workstations).
> The problem we diagnosed occurs when a user right clicks on a UNC link (on
> his desktop). The popup window only appears after 80 seconds. On another XP
> workstation (in the same room, same switch ...), it works OK.
> We have dumped the network traffic from both these workstations, and the
> result is that from the buggy workstation, the amount of traffic is around
> 30Mb,  with the same QUERY_FILE_INFO sent thousands of times (subcommand
> 0x0007).
> This problem is having a big impact on our performance. Is it a known issue
> ? (We can provide the dumps)
>  Thanks a lot.
> Jean-Philippe FARCY, Administrateur Système
> SIGMA Informatique http://www.sigma.fr

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