[Samba] performance problem. big amount of net traffic for file properties

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Jan 27 12:31:21 GMT 2006

> I have noticed the same on my XP comps, but not all. Currently I'm 
> investigating the problem (maybe some NICs are not samba-friendly ;-)? 
> The problematic machine uses Asus mainborad A8Vdeluxe (with marvel yukon 
> ethernet card)

Well, I can share an experience I had with this MB...

I allowed WindowsUpdate to update the driver, and WHAM!  All Kinds of 
problems - locking up, poor performance...

I reinstalled the original driver from the CD that came with the MB, and 
problem solved.

You can tell which is installed by looking at the Properties of the 
Driver (Device Manager). If it says 'PCI' in the driver description, 
then it is the one from Windows Update. I know that the one offered by 
WU has changed at least two or three times since I saw this problem, so 
maybe the newer version(s) are fixed, but the original works fine, so I 
set that driver to never install.


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