[Samba] samba as bdc

mallapadi niranjan niranjan.ashok at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 04:54:07 GMT 2006

Hi Andreas

I too have the same issue, but i think, if we using slave ldap server in
i hope it's possible, the slave LDAP server has updateref entry in
slapd.conf, which points to
master LDAP server, so any changes is referred back to PDC,

but i am not sure, what happen's when the link between PDC and BDC is down,
and if any changes are done, how is to propogated when the link is up again.


On 1/25/06, Andreas Fladischer <andreas.fladischer at ecofinance.com> wrote:
> hi at all!
> i have a samba server with ldap as pdc. everything works fine and now
> i'm testing samba as bdc.
> i copied the smb.conf from the pdc to the bdc and changed the domain
> master = yes to no!
> then i stopped the smb service on the pdc and tried to login on an winxp
> machine and this also worked (the log file show me that the login is on
> the bdc)! is it possible that the users can change their passwords when
> the pdc isn't available or must the pdc be online?how can i do this?
> with best regards and thanks in advance for your answers
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