[Samba] Need help debugging the printer related "Access denied, unable to connect" message

taso ahg4 at aanet.com.au
Wed Jan 25 17:45:43 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> taso wrote:
>> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>>> Read the smb.conf(5) man page entry for 'user client driver'.
>> Thanks, someone emailed me to that effect. Is it 
>> possible to add that attribute to print shares
>> that are otherwise entirely manufactured by Samba?
> Do you mean from the [printers] dynamic share?  The standard
> rules for default service options apply.  You will probably

I didn't (and maybe still don't) know precisely what those rules are.
My question was, Can I explicitly define a print share, nominate that
it inherits attributes from X, but over-ride the 'use client driver'
attribute. X being whatever the automatically created print shares get
their attributes from. My current understanding says that the answer
is approximately, yes. A bare print share gets its attributes from the
default settings which can be adjusted with [printers].

> need to define an explicit share for the problem printers
> (or follow the recommended solution and just install the
> drivers on the server).

That was the plan but for unknown reasons I could only upload one
set of drivers - trying to upload for additional printers kept failing.
Eventually, I deleted all of the printer related tdb files, crossed my
fingers, and was then able to upload several printer drivers. (Didn't
cross my fingers the first time.)

Can Samba tell me which printers it thinks that it has drivers for, and
for every such printer the set of files that constitute the driver?

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