[Samba] users disappearing from winbind db

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 19 00:11:07 GMT 2006

> Adam,
>   Thanks for the reply!  Well I know that the account still exists in
> AD. It happens to be my account.  :-P  I guess that it is better than
> an end user's account.
> I know that the account exists as on the windows side, I can logon to
> my pc, exchange server, etc. and they all run off of the AD.

Hmm, that's odd then, are you sure the right server(s) is/are listed
in /etc/krb5.conf?  It may be possible that you're connecting to a
server that's not being updated correctly (if you have more than one.)

> I was afraid to delete the .tdb files... but I can give that a
> shot.   I do have a backup of the .tdb files from some time ago,
> could I use them? If so, would the users that have been added since
> then get readded (although maybe not in the right order)?

It's probably best to take a new backup, because I suspect that
removing them won't make a difference, in which case you'll want to put
them back again so that all your users are there in the correct order.
And yes, if you use old backups any users added since the backups were
taken will be re-added, although almost certainly in the wrong order.


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