[Samba] Samba - getting long share names from Netapp

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Jan 17 07:24:38 GMT 2006

Hi Peter,

If you create a share >12 chars long testparm gives you this message:

WARNING: You have some share names that are longer than 12 characters.
These may not be accessible to some older clients.

So I imagine that in the past this hasn't worked at all.  It is strange
though that smbclient would ignore the name entirely without even
printing some of it (at least this is what happens in 3.0.21rc2.)

For me though the 'net' command worked, I ran:

  $ net -S server -U username rpc share

And providing 'username' was a member of the domain it gave me a list of
shares, including those longer than 12 characters (however this may be
because I was connecting to a Samba machine that had joined the domain.)


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