[Samba] Samba and authentication

Philip Washington phwashington at comcast.net
Tue Jan 17 01:04:03 GMT 2006

Bruno Gola wrote:

>Good morning (brazil ;-]) everyone,
>I'm in trouble and i need your help! I have a samba 3 running on a
>linux box (debian 3.1 sarge) as PDC (domain is EVERSYSTEMS_INF). I
>dont know if it's possible, but, i need that samba controls the
>authentication on some windows machines, an example: i have a machine
>A,B and C, and all of them are part of theont machine A and B, but not
>in C. 
I'm having trouble understanding what your requesting.
You have 3 machines A, B, and C.
after that I'm not sure what your saying.  Is it: machines A and B are 
part of the Domain and C is not.
I don't know what theont is.
Sorry the issue is too complex without understanding the network better.

>And a user brunog that can login on machine A and C, not in B.
>Note that my windows machines are already authenticating against
>samba. Is this possible with samba?
>Bruno Fialho Marques Gola <brunogola at gmail.com>
>Cel: (11) 9294-5883

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